The  8th course is scheduled October 19-27, 2024

REVIVE – Advancing Antimicrobial R&D

As well as the growing alarm over drug-resistance, there is also the concern over the slow rate in the discovery and development of new treatments. Furthermore, the abandonment of antimicrobial research and development by many companies and academic laboratories has led to the risk of valuable knowledge in the field being lost.

To address this risk, GARDP launched REVIVE in January 2018 to ensure knowledge is retained, and the antimicrobial R&D community is supported to connect, share, and acquire information.

With a network of world-class experts, REVIVE is an outreach activity to ensure knowledge is disseminated between clinical, industry and academic researchers at all stages of their careers. Through this, we help improve, accelerate, and streamline antimicrobial research and development.

Since the launch of this project, GARDP’s Scientific Affairs team has continued to expand their activities, most of which are hosted on this REVIVE website.

For more information, visit the REVIVE website here.

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