The  8th course is scheduled October 19-27, 2024

The David Braley Centre for Antibiotic Discovery (DBCAD)

Successfully addressing the global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) crisis requires a creative, strategic, and multifaceted approach. As a world-leading academic institution in AMR research and innovation, McMaster University has leveraged its impact through the David Braley Centre for Antibiotic Discovery (DBCAD). This Centre provides McMaster’s team of distinguished scientists with the opportunity to translate new knowledge into real impact. The DBCAD aims to significantly advance AMR research through the discovery and development of:
New and improved antibiotics, antibiotic adjuvants, & other antibiotic alternatives;
Diagnostic strategies to ensure the ‘right drug for the right bug’;
Improved clinical practices for human and animal health domains;
Lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships across provincial, national and international sectors, who are dedicated to reducing the threat of AMR;
Education and training programs in AMR for researchers and medical practitioners.
For more information, visit the DBCAD website here.

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